A library largely composed of tables representing the New Zealand Census and a helper functions to manipulate them. The data can be either a normal dataframe (tibble) or a simple features data table (GIS).

Check out the vignette and package help at spatialanalytics.co.nz.


Please be aware that this is a rather large package due to the amount of data contained within it, and therefore takes a little while to download.

To install the package:


Getting going

Four main functions for use:

  • nz_census_tables: returns tables describing the different tables and optionally the topics and variables within each table.
  • select_by_topic: selects from a regular ‘wide’ census table the topic by pattern matching.
  • filter_by_area: filters out a census table based on geographical areas within and larger geographical area e.g. area units within the Auckland Regions.
  • transform_census: performs different functions to the data such as transforming it to long, or cleaning the variables.

Let’s take a quick look.

# Load libraries

# Select topic, filter area units within Hamilton, and transform
hamilton_city_council_ethnic_groups <- select_by_topic(individual_part_1_area_units, "ethnic") %>% 
  filter_by_area("area_units", "tas", "hamilton") %>% 
  transform_census(long = TRUE, clean = TRUE, replace_confidential_values = 1)


  • Phil Donovan